Part One - Highlights.

Conceived by Nick Baker (founder secretary of the Historical Diving Society) from an idea by Michael Cocks, 'DIVING From the Past - Into the Future` dips into the colourful and multifaceted world of diving exploration beneath the waters of the world. The search for lost gold, recovering the elixir of life or repairing a damaged wellhead - each has demanded of mankind ingenuity, skilful engineering and a courageous spirit to take that first footstep, or finstroke forwards, through the previously unfathomed depths...

o 650 BC The Epic of Gilgamesh. The earliest surviving account of diving.
o 1690 Halley's Diving Bell.
o 1715 Lethbridge's Barrel.
o 1836 Deane discovers the Mary Rose
o 1906 The saving of Winchester Cathedral by William Walker.
o 1917 Damant's recovery of 5m in Gold Bars from HMS Laurentic
See some extremely rare archive film from John Williamson's underwater filming for '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea` (1916), Commandant Le Prieur's underwater exploration (1935) & excerpts from Hans Hass' first two films (1939 & 1942).


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