Part Two - Highlights.

See some recently discovered archive footage depicting the early exploits of Jacques Cousteau from the Ley Kenyon Film Archive (1936-46), torpedo firing footage shot by Jimmy Hodges (early 1950s), the mysterious disappearance of 'Buster` Crabb (1956), BSAC (London Branch) at Salcombe(1955) and an early Mediterranean diving holiday to 'Giglio` (1961).

o 1943 First mass produced SCUBA equipment designed and built by Jacques Cousteau and Emile Gagnan.
o 1946 Graham Balcombe founded the longest-running club: the Cave Diving Group.
o Formation of early diving clubs.
o Modern SCUBA and commercial diving.
o J.S. Haldane's research into mixed gas diving.
o 1990 End of standard diver dress at Portsmouth leads to formation of the Historical Diving Society.
o Development of rebreather systems.
o 1942 Hans Hass
o 1975 Military Applications
o 1990s Computer-controlled apparatus, designed by Carmellan Research and built by Draeger in Germany. Plus 'Huautla Project` mixed gas system.
o Futuristic lightweight semi-closed set.


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